Sharkboy is a hybrid of man and shark. His father was the former leader of Germany Adolf Hitler. His mother was a hammerhead shark. It was part of an experiment from the Nazi government to make stronger humans. Sharkboy was the only success. After the fall of the Nazi government Sharkboy escaped from the lab that he called home.Soon he met is lover Lavagirl. Soon the began a long relationship where Lavagirl would find random men to have sex with her while Sharkboy watched. It is though this activity where they end up finding Max. Max is the first man that Sharkboy has feelings for. It should be noted that Sharkboy began a three-way relationship with Lavagirl and Max. Shortly after the film Sharkboy dies due to the many STDs given to him from Max. Max and Lavagirl soon forget about Sharkboy and proceed to have a fatal relationship due to Lavagirl accidentally setting Max on fire during anal. Sharkboy was portrayed by Taylor Lautner.