Mr.Electricidad is the alter-ego of famed drug lord El Chapo. After escaping U.S. Custody he went in disguise as an elementary school teacher. There he gave gay student Max a hard time due his rightful belief that gays are worthless. He then proceeded to use Max and his classmates as slaves in order to rebuild his cocaine empire. He told them that it was extra credit for chemistry class. Sharkboy and Lavagirl tried to stop him but ultimately failed. He used the dead body of Lavagirl to smuggle cocaine out of the U.S. He then used Sharkboy's Nazi connects to expand his new drug empire into South America and parts of Europe. He then took a trip to China to make his drug empire legal there. He gave Max as an offering to leader of China who loves little boys. Mr.Electicidad soon took over the world and everyone became coke heads.