Mr Electric is the antagonist in the movie Sharkboy and Lavagirl.

Appearance Edit

Mr. Electric A nude man running through the McDonalds parking lot. Thats how the story starts when suddenly a massive faggot comes over and just nuts in his drink, This being a big problem and Mr Electric being the gangster he is just whip out his 4 inch cock and proceeds to smack the man in his thighs. This angers the faggot and he uses his special move the faggtron 3000. This a gigantic robot of just pure unadulterated fagness that will terrorize the city. At this moment Mr. Electric was at loss for words and decided now would be the time to unleash it....... The only weapon to his name....THE VGOD PRO MECH MOD WITH AIRGRADE CARBON FIBER BUTTON AND HAND ENGRAVED ETCHING ON THE SIDE OF IT AND 5 2MM VENT WHOLES FOR PROTECTION AGAINST THE FAGS. He then knew the only way to stop the faggtron 3000 was to send him flying with the JELLY FISH. This highly advanced trick should only be performed by highly trained professionals which Mr. Electric was not, however he knew for the sake of humanity he had to do it. He then blows a massive cloud to blind the fag but this was unaffected and the fag went on to beat the shit out of Mr. Electric gangster style However some how through it all Mr.Electric survived and manged to complete the jelly fish. Having defeated the Faggtron 3000 he knew that humanity was safe and he can rest and move with his life as a McDonalds manger.

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