Linus is a kid who goes to Max's school. He picks on Max and misbehaves in class, often called Minus by the teacher for his D- misconduct. 

   One day after class Linus and his goons gang up on Max and steal his dream journal. The next day at school Max whines at Linus to give back his journal. Mr Electric then tells Linus to give it back calling him Minus while criticising his attitude and other all behaviour. Max snatches his off Linus and stomps back to his desk. He opens his dream journal and sees it's been graffitied and vandalised. Realising Linus has ruined his dream journal, Max stands up gets angry and screams "HE RUINED MY DREAM JOURNAL!". Linus insulted responds "I did not! Mr Electric send him to the principals office and have him EXPELLED!!!". Max then lobs the journal at Linus's ear and Linus grimaces. Mr Electric angered by Max's whining and Linus's  stupid atttitude sasses them both and tells them they're both going to the principals office with their parents. Then a storm comes and Shark boy and Lava Girl appear. Linus calls Lava Girl hot then nicks Max's journal from the floor. After Max disappears into the dream world Linus is replaced with his dreamworld counterpart Minus. 

Linus appears again later in the human world and is now mates with Max. 

Linus is one of the antagonists in the movie.


-Linus ruined Max's dream journal

-Linus is known for his great delivery of lines in the film. 

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