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Y"Everything that is or was, began with a some drunk dude saying, 'I can totally hit that ass'..." Lavagirl

Lava cunt is one of the superheroes Max knocks up. She is the other young prostitue who protects Planet Drool. She is uncertain of her own sexuality and purpose throughout much of the porno. She has an explosive ability to ejaculate like Fuckboy, but is better at controlling it than he is.


She is very horny, especially to Max. She, like any teenage girl, doesn't know her sexuality, sometimes she fucks toasters. She is shown fucking Max for creating her with a firecrotch in his Cum Journal. This made her very aretroactive, pubic hair bursting into flames and a fist burning hot, with an urge to fist lesbians. This has led her to the belief that she is a total slut and she just needs to accept it. She is also turned on by Max pairing her with Fuckboy because they're not compatible, he has a little shark fin knob thingy, kinda like those things on trees, instead of a penis. By the end of the movie though, she realizes that she is not a slut, but but a sex slave. She becomes the cum bag of the planet and a guzzles the jizz of all living things.


The history of Lavacunt began when she was born from a dude sticking his dick into a fire. He burned his penis real bad and the charred skin flakes that fell off became Lavacunt. The redheaded firecrotch was born from this accident and she began to change the face of Dream Land or whatever the fuck it's called. at the age of 3 she behgan whoring herself out for candy and toys. At 7, to feel special. By the time she was 9, lavacunt became the prostitute to go to cause she was über cheap.


She can spray lave from her crotch, which can be a problem when her leg detaches from her body while she is in the middle of an orgasm. Her pubes light on fire if she touches them or is near a dick. She can control ejaculate in her direct vicinity and can shoot cum from her hands. She can shoot jizz from her hands and feet to use as a way of shooting to a point above her. Her hair has a tendency to produce pink flames, often shaped like phalluses, and her hands grt tingly when she is horny or using a lot of lubricant. If she dies, she can be revived by being thrown into an fresh pool of semen. Eating dick and masturbating can help suppress her urges..



She bangs him often because invented her as a sex slave. She does get horny around him for because of his role in designing her. She does fuck him, however, and he helps her realize she is a huge slut.

===Sharkboy and Lavacunt are butt buddies and have feelings for each other. There are scenes of them getting naked with each other and they care about who has to lick the others ass next. They even risk their lives for a quick three minute fuckarama. There were a few times, Fuckboy gotten jealous of Max for gettingg some of Lavacunt's pussy and Lavacunt was jealous when fuckboy said the ice princess the " tightest pussy" in the world. There was also a scene where Lavacunt fucked fuckboy and he seemed really hard and jizzed in his pants. In the end, fuckboy puts his his dick in her mouth( until he got burned)and they began having hardcore anal sex on the sand.

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