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"Everything that is or was, began with a dream..."


"It isn't too much to swallow and it'll never be too warm."


Lavagirl is one of the superheroes Max dreams up. She is the other young warrior who protects Planet Drool. She is uncertain of her own identity and purpose throughout much of the film. She has an explosive temper like Sharkboy, but is better at controlling it than he is and rarely gets very angry. 


Lavagirl wears untennas, a hot pink, one-piece jump flying suit that represents her body being made of molten lava. Pinkish-brown rocky structures form a halter top, shorts, gauntlets, shoulder pads with butterfly wings, and boots. Small chunks of these 'rocks' represent the hunks of rocks floating in lava. The rocky body suit, shoulder pads, boots, the left gauntlet, and belt have yellow stripes that appear to be glowing and shifting to show the lava running down the side of a volcano after it erupts. Her right gauntlet has three dots of the same colour. Her hair is purple when she's neutral, but glows hot pink and gives off hot pink flames whs angry or using a lot of power.


Her origins are unknown.


She can change herself into lava, which can be a problem when her leg detaches from her body while escaping plughounds. Things light on fire if she touches them or is near them. She can control lava in her direct vicinity and can shoot lava from her hands. She can shoot fire from her hands and feet to use as a way of shooting to a point above her. Her hair has a tendency to produce pink flames and her hands glow orange when she is angry or using a lot of power. If she dies, she can be revived by being thrown into an active volcano. Eating ice and falling asleep can cool her down.

Lava Generation: To generate all lavas of the world and to generate and to shape and move lava anywhere the user wants and to generate lava from the heat,intensity, shape, curvature, brightness, volumes of heat etc

Lava Physiology/Mimicry To mimic the movements of lava and to have the fluidly movement of lava and the user can become fully 100% lava without getting hurt and without damage to the body of the user

Fire manipulation: To manipulate the volumes of thickness and the volumes of hardness and the volumes of the heat and the brightness of fire.

Fire generation: To generate all fires from focus and generation from anywhere/everywhere

Fire control: To control fire and to move the fire at the same time

Fire Immunity: To be immune to all toxins and toxics and the sickness and the diseases from all fires like magma and lava

Relationship  Edit


She is very motherly to him and, him inventing her, appreciates his work. She does get mad at him for some decisions he's made designing her. She does forgive him, however, and he helps her realize she is light.

Sharkboy Edit

(Like why the crap can you edit this? -_-) She is his partner, but didn't agree with it at first, stating that they were nothing alike. Since she fizzles out near water and he shrivels up near heat, she thinks they're not compatible. She does realize her mistake and they are a great team because of their differences. When Sharkboy states that the ice princess is the most beautiful girl in the world she throw fire on him this could mean that lava girl was really jealous when sharkboy called the ice princess beautiful, this shows that she has a crush  on sharkboy. However at the end she kissed him on the cheek as a thank you for saving her and on planet drool they were holding hands together which could mean that they are boyfriend and girlfriend. Him and Lava girl are close friends and so even though they probably shoudn't get along since she's made out of Lava they still work it out regardless.

The Ice Princess Edit

She has never met the Ice Princess, but she knows that, since she is fire and the Princess is ice, they are sworn enemies. Laevagirl is highly offended when Sharkboy calls the Princess the most beautiful girl on the planet. Laveagirl claims her to be cold, cruel, and selfish. This has made her resentful to going to the Ice Castle. Only when Max says he needs both of them to get it, she agrees.

Trivia Edit

  • When she swim's in water, she dies.
  • When Sharkboy revived her by throwing her into an active volcano,she thanked him, and kissed his cheek. Since It burned him a little he said "Owww.." but smiled.
  • She first said, "Sharkboy and I are not compatable! Why did you make us a team?" later in the movie she realizes Max made them a team because of their differences.
  • Lavagirl has a nickname for Sharkboy which is "Sharkie" "Sharky" or "Sharki".
  • Lavagirl saves Max's mom and Sharkboy saves the dad.

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