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Harry Daniels is the Oscar winning actor who plays Max in the film. Many of Harry's personal experiences were incorporated into the film. Harry Daniels was born sometime in 1998. He is the of Mark Daniels and Sandy Daniels. His parents are also father and daughter which attributes to Harry's unique looks. Harry attended the local catholic elementary school in Union City, NJ which is his hometown. Harry then attend St.Peter's Preparatory School. This is mainly where the inspiration for Max comes from. Despite showing a decent amount of intelligence he barely passed his classes. He never did any of his homework and thus got low marks. This caused some of the schools teachers to dislike him. Especially his Latin and English teachers. It should be noted here that Harry never submitted his Beowulf Obituary. Despite all this and missing the last marking period of senior year Harry graduated and went on the earned a degree from NJIT. Not feeling fulfilled being an engineer Harry went into acting. He first enter the adult film industry mainly playing the pizza delivery guy though he always ended up eating the pizza and was fired from several films. he decided to become legit and enter the real film industry. His first major role was playing Arnie Grape in the film what's eating Gilbert grape. He starred along with Johnny Depp. He then went on to his defining role of Jack in titanic which earned him praised and helped earn him a spot as the king of Hollywood. He then went on to appear in Steven Spielberg's Catch Me if You Can starring alongside Hollywood legend Tom Hanks. We learned from the making of the film that Harry is anything but a pleasure on set. Tom Hank's who is known as a true professional of his craft call Harry "the worse human being ever." Hank also stated that Harry ate all of the pizza on set causing everyone to go hungry. Hank's says the worse thing to happen on set is finding grease spots all over set. After that Harry had hard time finding work in Hollywood despited a killer performance in the film. He found his next project in Sharkboy and Lavagirl. It was in this film where Harry received the Oscar for Best Actor and Best Film. Harry was also the producer of the film which allows him to lead a very comfortable life as the film has earned 20 billion dollars. making Harry one of the few billionaires of Hollywood. From there Harry received another Oscar in his comeback film the revenant. After that no one has heard from Harry ever again. It is speculated that Harry is living on his private island and finds no reason to leave. Reason reports speculate that Harry has been in talks to take over the critically-panned DCEU as producer and director and is even being eyed for the role of Superman.


Harry loves pizza. he enjoys his pizza from Lisbons in Jersey City.

Harry is a fan of anime and has even done dubbings for some specifically Cory in the house where he does the voice of Cory and the President.

Harry is friends with critically acclaimed actors Brendan Murphy and Michael Alberti. They starred together in School Shooter trilogy.


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