Dream Journal

Max's Dream Journal is a leather bound journal Max uses to record his dreams about Shark Boy and Lava Girl. theres probably other characters like Steam Man and Tortoise Lady, that and the other saucy teenage dreams. 

One day after school Linus and his goons gang up on Max and steal his dream journal. The next day at school Max whines at Linus to give it back which he refuses and denies doing it. Mr Electric then snaps at Linus to give back the journal while also mocking Linus's conduct. Max snatches the journal off of Linus and stomps back to his desk. Max opens his dream journal only to see Linus has ruined it by drawing all over it. Max all angry then screams "He ruined my Dream Journal!" Linus denies it and responds "I did not! Mr Electric send him to the Principals office and have him EXPELLED!". Max then lobs the now ruined dream journal at Linus. Later when Shark Boy and Lava Girl arrive Linus nicks the journal from the floor.